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We are a full service real estate title insurance and escrow closing company serving all 88 counties in the State of Ohio. With over 200 years of combined experience, our customer focused team of experts can handle any type of transaction, from someone buying their dream home to multi-million dollar commercial transactions and anything in between.

Title Search

A title search is an examination of the public records at both the County recorder’s office and the County clerk of Courts office. The purpose of the exam is to uncover issues that could potentially limit your rights to the property. Our experienced examiners and underwriters will carefully review the property’s chain of title, to insure the title is free from any defects. If any defects are discovered, we will work quickly to help all parties resolve the issue. After the title exam is complete and all issues resolved, we can provide you with a title insurance policy.

Issuance of Title Insurance Policies

We understand that for most people and organizations, real estate is their largest and most precious asset. Protecting the rights of real estate ownership is key to protecting your future. When you make the choice to purchase title insurance, it provides you or your organization with the peace of mind that you are protected against defects in title covered by the policy for as long as you or your heirs (or the organization or its successors) own the property. Additionally, you can rest assured, that your lender will also enjoy the same security.

We are proud to have all of our title insurance policies underwritten by Old Republic National Title Insurance Company (ORT), one of the oldest, largest and most financially secure title insurance underwriters in the industry. ORT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Old Republic International Corporation, a Fortune 500 member and among the 50 largest shareholder-owned insurance businesses in the nation. To learn more about ORT’s financial strength and how it protects your real estate asset, click here.

Tax & Legal Profiles

Our tax and legal description profile includes a quick review of the legal description along with tax information on any piece of real estate. These reports show ownership of a parcel along with current tax values and tax payments. Our tax and legal profile can also include comparable property profiles, GIS Maps and Aerials upon request.

Escrow & Closing Services

Often referred to as settlement services, we are pleased to offer escrow and closing services for our clients. Escrow and Closing is part of the final stages of home buying process. We will collect funds and hold all related documents in compliance with ALTA best practices and privacy standards. Once our seasoned staff determines that the conditions of the real estate transaction have been met and all requirements are complete, you will receive the keys to your home!


If you are thinking about taking advantage of lower interest rates by paying off your existing loan and replacing it with a new one to reduce your monthly payment, or cash out on equity, we can help. Title Searches and Escrow Closing services are also part of the services we can provide to you and your lender.

Commercial Services

We have the experience and resources to assist you with commercial acquisitions and refinances. Whether the services are for a single-site property or multi-site portfolio, Network Land Title Agency has the experienced professionals you need. Our team can provide the underwriting expertise, escrow services and quality, customer focused, service you need for timely, accurate title issuance and closing services.

Builder & Developer Services

Our experienced in-house examining staff enables us to not only search the county records for the development phase, but to also assist with the recording of plats. In addition, our escrow department can handle the closing of development loans, construction loans and draws, and other escrow needs for any size project. 

Municipal & Government Services

With over 200 years of combined experience, we are able to handle the most sensitive and unique title situations, including foreclosures, sheriff sales, eminent domains, new plats, infrastructure construction and more. With a team of experienced in-house examiners, you can rest assured that we can handle any type and size of project for any government entity.

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